Where is Marbella


Where is Marbella?

Have you ever heard about Marbella? What I am talking about is not a woman but one of the very beautiful places on earth. Aside from being one of the beautiful, it is also one of the best summer tourist destinations in whole wide world. Where is Marbella?

The municipality of Marbella is composed mainly of San Pedro Alcantara, Las Chapas and Marbella. The municipality of Marbella is situated on the Costa del Sol, which faces the Mediterranean Sea, specifically between the larger cities of Fuengirola and Estepona where the people here enjoy a privileged micro-climate that definitely attracts all the tourists all year round. It is a place that is famous for its great weather and also with its geographic situation, where the mountains protect the place from the northern winds. It has a unique microclimate, typical in the Costa del Sol, with a very mild temperature throughout the year.

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From Marbella, you can also find neighboring emblematic places such as the Puerto de Santa Maria located in Cadiz, another is the Guaro which is also widely known for its Moorish Moon Festival and the Ronda, a mountain village of Malaga that will let you discover many things that you haven’t done before. Marbella is a place where you can discover so much, to have this once in a lifetime experience of being in Marbella is one of the things that you will never forget in your lifetime.

If this is your holiday Escape or destination, a question like where is Marbella will come into your mind or finding it might be hard for you. So we decided to help you find it by giving some directions which we hope is very useful to you.

It will take you for about a 40 minute drive from the Malaga airport to Marbella. It’s very easy to go there by just following the specific indications, especially if you hire a car at the Malaga Airport because there will be no any problem that you might encounter along the way. Reaching the municipality can also be very easy from neighboring cities like the Granada, Cadiz, Seville, Cordoba, and the city of Gibraltar.

One of the best things with Marbella is its good climate conditions, some tourists make it as their second home during summer and even on holiday vacations. No wonder why they preferred to stay there because aside from its very good climate, it is also one of the best and most beautiful places around the world.

There are also other several options to live and stay in Marbella, there are many large villas that you can find here, some are owned or belonged to some famous Hollywood celebrities at one point that are now vacant and are for sale such as the Malibú house, which belonged before to Sean Connery. It was sold in 1998 for a worth of 7.1 million euros. Marbella has also many accessible and modest houses that all of the tourist may be amazed of.

The proximity of the wondrous mountains to the sea, the old and new blend of the cultures and the possibilities that it could offer make the city of Marbella one of the best tourist destinations during holidays. Where is Marbella? It is a place here in Spain that the Spanish people are so proud of, where you can find peace, serenity and a lot more than that.

Weather in Marbella


Weather in Marbella

During summer vacation, people travel to discover other places that will satisfy their needs for relaxation and stress-relief. After a tiring week and several months of studying, exploring the world is the perfect way to forget about deadlines and wearisome work.

Fortunately, weather in Marbella does not change throughout the year. It means that tourist who wishes to visit this place for vacation will definitely enjoy the experience at any moment. The recorded average low temperature is 65 degrees while the recorded average high temperature is 80 degrees. It is better to visit on summer where the temperature is warmer. It is also more comfortable to roam around rather than the winter season.


November to March is the duration for the rainy season. Some places in Marbella don’t really experience rain during the span of several months. One can get amazed to know that Marbella experiences more than three hundred sunny days per year.  It indicates that this place has a great potential as a tourist destination. Weather in Marbella will be a great factor on enjoying the entire place.

More tourists came to Marbella during the winter and the summer season. The main reason is the age bracket of the tourists. Most visitors are college students who want to spend their summer vacation through wandering in Europe. The other visitors include families with children who are also in vacation. During this busy season, the rates for various services are expected to be higher than ordinary days. The scenic spots are also difficult to visit because of the thick crowd and everybody is busy to entertain the tourists. However, weather in Marbella will make the people experience the heat of summer. The different parks can be visited without being annoyed with the wet atmosphere.

On the other hand, the off-season months (fall & winter) are perfect for doing a lot of outdoor activities on the wide area. The weather is very ideal for seeing the beauty of Marbella. During this season, visitors must not hesitate to explore and travel. Weather in Marbella is perfect for every activity that may be encountered by the tourists. Families can have a great time on Marbella. The place has plenty of restaurants and shopping malls where they can feed themselves. They can taste the meals prepared by well-known chefs within the country. The hot temperature will surely be ignored through the outstanding food and sweet cakes.

Aside from visiting the parks and engaging to Eco-tours, the whole family can enjoy the refreshing and relaxing touch of the water through swimming. The beaches in Marbella seem to attract everyone to experience the cool water and venture to the outdoor activities.  Weather in Marbella is one of the reasons why people must consider visiting the place. During their stay, everything will be fine and the only thing to do is—to enjoy! There are variety of scenic spots to visit and outdoor activities to do.

Things to do in Marbella


Things to Do in Marbella

If you are planning to visit the municipality of Marbella in Spain, you must know first what are the things that you can do and the places that you can visit in Marbella. Shown below are some of the things that you can try.


Old Town in Casco Antiguo

It is the historic center in Marbella that is situated in a small square. The details of this historic center is suggested from the origin of Muslim, but its renaissance style shows a more recent conception. You can visit it for you to know the history of Marbella.

Puerto Banus

Puerto Banus is a fantastic place to go golfing in the inland of Marbella. Puerto Banus is a place that is very exclusive and luxurious. By taking a walk on the port, you will see the most luxurious and the most impressive cars and yachts. You will also enjoy the cafes, restaurants as well as the shops that can be fund around the surroundings of the port. Puerto Banus is a good place to pamper on the yacht side and ogle with the most fabulous luxurious yacht while drinking at one of the open restaurants and bars. The setting that can be found in the Puerto Banus is very much ideal and it also have a mountain back ground and the view of the ocean can be seen in a wide view.

Beaches and Promenade

A lot of beautiful beaches can be found in the region of Marbella. Because of the fact that Marbella have a very nice climate, it is obvious that the region was blessed with a lot of beautiful beaches where a lot of famous and wealthy people are visiting every year. You can spend your day on the beaches found in Marbella by taking a sun bath while eating chiringuitos and drinking a cold drink of iced tea.

Parks and Garden

Marbella is also blessed with a lot of beautiful parks and gardens where tourist can enjoy walking by and enjoy the place which is a perfect place to have a break. You can also found a lot of huge statues and sculpture that will surely catch your attention. Aside from that gardens that they have are full of tropical plants and fountains of water. You can also find markets along the perk where you can buy jewelries, cloths, wallets, bags and a lot more where you can make use as a souvenir for your love ones when you return back home.

Day Excursion

You can also spend your day by exploring the wild nature of Marbella. You can find a lot of wild boars, birds and other wild life. You can also take a ride in order to see the beauty of Marbella along the county side.


So if you are planning to visit the region of Marbella, these are just some of the place and some of the things that you can do. There’s a lot more waiting for you to discover. So visit Marbella now and experience its culture and its nature.


Puerto Banús restaurants


Puerto Banus Restaurants

After a long journey, tourists surely crave for a satisfying meal to ease the hunger. Marbella, Spain has a lot of restaurants around. Everybody can choose among the frequently visited restaurants which have been serving the people for several years.  Puerto Banus Restaurants must be visited for a variety of food cuisines that are not limited on the country’s specialties. For an instance, Chinese and Japanese foods are also served for tourists who miss how the food on their country tastes.

Some of Puerto Banus restaurants include:

  • La Sala By the Sea Restaurant- this offers a good dining experience for every family that desire to have heavy meals after tiring trips around the place.
  • Infuschia Restaurant- this is located at the Nightclub Tibu Banus which serves various international and Asian cuisines.
  • Balck and White Restaurant- this is distinct for its trendy urban décor. The served food is suitable even for a limited budget. With the outstanding performances, people will never feel bored and stressed.
  • La Marina Restaurant- through choosing this restaurant, a couple can have their dinner while having a view of Marina. Moreover, the luxurious yachts are also seen by everyone who visits this restaurant. As suggested by its name, the restaurant serves fresh fish and rich Spanish cuisines.
  • El Gran Gatsby Restaurant- this also a dance bar where people can watch performances. A beautiful view of the port will also feed the eyes of the tourists.
  • Aretusa- when we talk about Italian restaurants, this one is included on the well-managed restaurants. It shows a great passion for Italian cuisines.

When we talk about Nightlife in Marbella, there are different bars which can provide live music for the visitors. Here are the following bars which can be visited for an excellent entertainment and enjoyment.

  • Ana Marias- this is found at the center of Old Town, Marbella, Plaza de Santo Cristo

This is the perfect site for traditional flamenco music in Spain.

  • La Notte Piano Bar- this provides a great ambiance in the evening. People can enjoy the variety of music which can be heard in this bar. Live performances also make the atmosphere lively and enjoyable.
  • Stones Music Bar- this is an ideal place for tourists who love to sing on karaoke. There is a wide range of songs that can be chosen by visitors. Even the old songs can be favorable for the adults inside the bar.


Through mentioning the bars located in Marbella, it can be concluded that nightlife in Marbella, Spain will surely be unforgettable and enjoyable. Along with the bars, restaurants in Puerto Banus will also impart a very nice eating experience for all tourists. Puerto Banus Restaurants are also perfect for providing various international cuisines. Through having a visit on each restaurant, one can have an idea how the food on different nations taste. Aside from the food, the exceptional views near the restaurants add to the beauty of the entire Puerto Banus experience. There is an assurance that the visitors are served and entertained well.



Marbella History

Are you wondering where is Marbella? For you to know, Marbella is a city and a municipality that can be found in the Southern part of Spain and belongs to the province of Malaga in the Andalusia autonomous community. Marbella is part of the Costa del Sol and serves as the headquarters of the Association of the Municipalities of the region. Aside from that, it is also the head of the judicial district that bears the name of itself.

Brief History

Where Marbella does is found by the historians who inhabited in the early 7th century BC? On the other hand, Marbella is also found by the Roman settlers who testify the fact that there are three Ionic capitals that are embedded in the Moorish castle wall. It was called the Salduba or the salt capital in the times of Rome. There are also other ruins in the Roman times that dotted around Marbella such as the baths in Guadalmina, the Roman Bridge that can be found in Marbella as well as the ruins of Roman Villa is. The name Marbella was thought and derived from what the Arab call it—Marbal La. Today, Marbella is popularly known to be as the holiday destination and the choice of the thousands of tourist in the whole world.


Aside from the typical and annual Andalusian cultural events, there are a lot of variety of festivals that are being held in the region of Marbella every year. The festivals that they celebrate are dedicated to music which includes the Marbella International Opera Festival which is started in August 2001. Aside from that, they also have the Marbella reggae festival that happens every July. They also celebrate it in different locations such as beach, in an old town or aboard a boat. They also have Spanish film Festival as well as the Festival of the Independent Theatre.

Aside from the festivals that can be found where Marbella is, they also have contemporary museums that are created in the year 1992. Wherein it contains a lot collections of prints by the famous 20th century artist such as Miro, el Paso Group, Picasso, Tapies, Chillida, and a lot more. Aside from that, they also have an exhibition hall which is dedicated to those people who wants to learn the engraving techniques.

Marbella also exhibit their traditional cuisines that are based on seafood. The most typical cusines that they serve includes fried fish, mackerel, anchovies, mullet, squid and a lot more. They also serve garlic soups that are very much typical. They also sell oils, wine doughnuts, cakes a lot of typical foods that we eat today.

With regards to its tourism, people who want to know where is Marbella and what can be found in Marbella are often visited by a lot of famous international celebrities and wealthy people. So if you are planning to visit to Marbella, you will surely see a lot of famous people because they are attracted with its beauty.

Malaga to Marbella


Marbella is one of the most beautiful places and summer destinations in the world for its very good climate conditions and God-given beauty. Malaga is the neighboring city of Marbella and if you are planning to stay in Marbella during your summer or even holiday vacations, traveling from Malaga to Marbella is the fastest and easiest way.

You can go from Malaga to Marbella by bus, or by car. One of the best ways to travel along the roads of Costa del Sol in general, if you don’t have a car, is by bus. Many buses that travels from Malaga to Marbella are run by Portillo/Avanzabus .  Avanzabus has bought out the former one but nowadays, the two names are being used. The journey or travel time from Malaga to Marbella takes more than 45 minutes and costs about 7-8 euros.  The Departure place from Malaga is from Malaga bus station on Paseo de los Tilos, which is around the corner from the AVE train station, and arrives at Marbella bus station on the Avenida del Trapiche.  Portillo/Avanzabus also runs direct services from the Marbella bus station to the Malaga airport.

There is also an easier option to get there in Marbella fast and that is by taking a shared transfer. This shared transfer will pick you up directly from the hotel where you are checked in and then will take you right to the airport. Shared transfer will not cost you that much because it is much cheaper than in other most transfers. If you prefer traveling by train to go in Marbella and your departure place is Malaga then you might as well have second thoughts. Yes, a train can run very fast but the only problem is there is no train station in Marbella. The local train network in Malaga which is the Cercanias only goes to the cities of Fuengirola and crossing across on the Benelmadena and Torremolinos, which is still a bit far to Marbella.

You can also travel  by a private car or a rental car from Malaga to Marbella is a 40-mile journey which can take around 45-50 minutes, depending on the performance of the car and if there is no heavy traffic on the road. The car can travel mainly on the AP-7, and take note, this is a toll road. If you will try traveling by bus, then you will still have to ride a car or a bus in order to get there in the city of Marbella. So if you don’t want to experience double stress and expenses, then you should rather travel by car or by bus. You can get there in Marbella within 45 minutes and then you can still have the energy and guts to roam around the place because you are not yet tired and exhausted.

To some people, mostly those that are very adventurous and want something new, then traveling by train can be one of the unforgettable experiences when you travel or go to Marbella where the starting point is the Malaga because you will have the chance to discover the cities Fuengirola, Torremolinos and Benelmadena.

Discover the best places in Spain, specifically in Marbella and share this fun to the world. Have a safe trip from Malaga to Marbella, enjoy like you are just born yesterday and live your life like it’s your last.