Things to do in Marbella

Things to Do in Marbella

If you are planning to visit the municipality of Marbella in Spain, you must know first what are the things that you can do and the places that you can visit in Marbella. Shown below are some of the things that you can try.


Old Town in Casco Antiguo

It is the historic center in Marbella that is situated in a small square. The details of this historic center is suggested from the origin of Muslim, but its renaissance style shows a more recent conception. You can visit it for you to know the history of Marbella.

Puerto Banus

Puerto Banus is a fantastic place to go golfing in the inland of Marbella. Puerto Banus is a place that is very exclusive and luxurious. By taking a walk on the port, you will see the most luxurious and the most impressive cars and yachts. You will also enjoy the cafes, restaurants as well as the shops that can be fund around the surroundings of the port. Puerto Banus is a good place to pamper on the yacht side and ogle with the most fabulous luxurious yacht while drinking at one of the open restaurants and bars. The setting that can be found in the Puerto Banus is very much ideal and it also have a mountain back ground and the view of the ocean can be seen in a wide view.

Beaches and Promenade

A lot of beautiful beaches can be found in the region of Marbella. Because of the fact that Marbella have a very nice climate, it is obvious that the region was blessed with a lot of beautiful beaches where a lot of famous and wealthy people are visiting every year. You can spend your day on the beaches found in Marbella by taking a sun bath while eating chiringuitos and drinking a cold drink of iced tea.

Parks and Garden

Marbella is also blessed with a lot of beautiful parks and gardens where tourist can enjoy walking by and enjoy the place which is a perfect place to have a break. You can also found a lot of huge statues and sculpture that will surely catch your attention. Aside from that gardens that they have are full of tropical plants and fountains of water. You can also find markets along the perk where you can buy jewelries, cloths, wallets, bags and a lot more where you can make use as a souvenir for your love ones when you return back home.

Day Excursion

You can also spend your day by exploring the wild nature of Marbella. You can find a lot of wild boars, birds and other wild life. You can also take a ride in order to see the beauty of Marbella along the county side.


So if you are planning to visit the region of Marbella, these are just some of the place and some of the things that you can do. There’s a lot more waiting for you to discover. So visit Marbella now and experience its culture and its nature.


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