Weather in Marbella

Weather in Marbella

During summer vacation, people travel to discover other places that will satisfy their needs for relaxation and stress-relief. After a tiring week and several months of studying, exploring the world is the perfect way to forget about deadlines and wearisome work.

Fortunately, weather in Marbella does not change throughout the year. It means that tourist who wishes to visit this place for vacation will definitely enjoy the experience at any moment. The recorded average low temperature is 65 degrees while the recorded average high temperature is 80 degrees. It is better to visit on summer where the temperature is warmer. It is also more comfortable to roam around rather than the winter season.


November to March is the duration for the rainy season. Some places in Marbella don’t really experience rain during the span of several months. One can get amazed to know that Marbella experiences more than three hundred sunny days per year.  It indicates that this place has a great potential as a tourist destination. Weather in Marbella will be a great factor on enjoying the entire place.

More tourists came to Marbella during the winter and the summer season. The main reason is the age bracket of the tourists. Most visitors are college students who want to spend their summer vacation through wandering in Europe. The other visitors include families with children who are also in vacation. During this busy season, the rates for various services are expected to be higher than ordinary days. The scenic spots are also difficult to visit because of the thick crowd and everybody is busy to entertain the tourists. However, weather in Marbella will make the people experience the heat of summer. The different parks can be visited without being annoyed with the wet atmosphere.

On the other hand, the off-season months (fall & winter) are perfect for doing a lot of outdoor activities on the wide area. The weather is very ideal for seeing the beauty of Marbella. During this season, visitors must not hesitate to explore and travel. Weather in Marbella is perfect for every activity that may be encountered by the tourists. Families can have a great time on Marbella. The place has plenty of restaurants and shopping malls where they can feed themselves. They can taste the meals prepared by well-known chefs within the country. The hot temperature will surely be ignored through the outstanding food and sweet cakes.

Aside from visiting the parks and engaging to Eco-tours, the whole family can enjoy the refreshing and relaxing touch of the water through swimming. The beaches in Marbella seem to attract everyone to experience the cool water and venture to the outdoor activities.  Weather in Marbella is one of the reasons why people must consider visiting the place. During their stay, everything will be fine and the only thing to do is—to enjoy! There are variety of scenic spots to visit and outdoor activities to do.

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